"The Adventures of Toby the Turtle and Mighty Magoo" has been printed and is now available. Find out more about this book.

"Toby Loses His Stripes" is in the works! Penny has Toby and Magoo's second adventure written and now Michele is working on the illustrations. Find out about the new friends Toby and Magoo have been making and how Toby lost his stripes..

For Teachers

Do you want to use Toby and Magoo in the classroom? Penny has developed curriculum to build a program out of these stories that will help teachers integrate them into their lesson plans.

Please read through our teacher resources.

Title Questions

Who are Toby and Magoo? How did this particular Turtle and Frog become best friends? Penny and Michele have answers to many of your questions in the Q&A section.

Toby and Magoo

You can tag along with two great friends as they explore the world around them and learn about the importance of friendship.

Toby the Turtle and Mighty Magoo have just started their pond adventures. Penny Greenberg and Michele Kruegel teamed up to deliver a message of environmental stewardship to young children and share stories of friendship.

Find out more about Toby and Magoo's first adventure!

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