"The Adventures of Toby the Turtle and Mighty Magoo" has been published and is available at, or by . The Adventures of Toby the Turtle and Mighty Magoo

Join Toby the Turtle and Mighty Magoo on their first adventure. Toby and Magoo love playing in the pond where they live. But, one day Toby runs into some trouble. Luckily Magoo is able to help Toby and they learn an important lesson about keeping their pond clean.

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"Toby Loses His Stripes" is in the works! Penny has written the story and now Michele is working on the illustrations. Join Toby the Turtle and his frog friend, Mighty Magoo, as they enlist the help of their pond friends in locating the stripes that are missing from Toby's bathing suit. This story has an important environmental lesson about the safety of our water.

Right now Toby the Turtle and Mighty Magoo have one adventure behind them...

A second adventure is underway and getting ready for you to read. Toby loses his stripes and you'll find out how Toby and Magoo find them with the help of some new friends. Penny and Michele plan to team up for even more adventures in the future.

Toby and Magoo's pond adventures will help them solve a number of environmental problems that are impacting them and their friends. If you have any environmental problems you think our heros can solve, Penny and Michele are happy to hear them. Please email penny and she'll let you know if your idea becomes part of a book.

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