Literature There are many general ideas that can be generated from these stories. Toby the Turtle and Mighty Magoo would be a perfect selection for reading buddies.

Have the older student read the book to those in younger grades. Have students write a letter to the characters, the author, the Illustrator, from Magoo to Toby or from Toby to Magoo. Choose a paragraph and list nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs etc. Challenge students to write their own story with a message or moral.

Arnold Lobel is an accomplished author who wrote the series "Frog and Toad." Have students read some of his stories.

Environmental Studies This book can be a great starter to discussions in environmental studies class. You can do a garbage audit by taking the classroom garbage can and sort the contents into plastics / paper/ compost / garbage. It will be amazing to see how little is really just garbage. (HINT: be sure to wear gloves).

Have the students brainstorm other "lessons learned" and make posters to get the message out about protecting the environment.

Start an environment club for lunchtime activities.

Learn more about pond life, or any one critter that lives in or near the pond. Have the students do a research project and present it to the class.

Do a Venn diagram comparing frogs and toads, frogs and turtles etc.

Art Have the students learn about the different art mediums. The illustrations in the book are done with watercolor. Allow the students the opportunity to experiment with that medium.

Social Studies Life in a pond is interdependent. Explore this concept with your students. Compare and contrast it with other interdependent communities.

For any other grade or subject specific curriculum ideas please .

Toby and Magoo want to make sure that you can make the most out of their story.

Penny and Michele have gathered information for teachers, parents and interested children that will help expand understanding of environmental stewardship and care. We've also gotten help along the way from helpful teachers and students wanting to share their favorite sites! A great variety of interesting websites that will take your students to the pond or bring Toby and Magoo's pond to the classroom.

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